Montag, 23. Mai 2016


Lemur Designs a once in a life time offer...
I have decided to do a BMS sale and only10 lucky people will be able to get in on this offer. 
You will get over $1000.00 of my CU products for only $100.00
This is a first come firstserve offer and will not be offered again. This will only be avail. 
For 3 days and after that you will not see a deal like this again. 
You will get 393 products plus a coupon for 8.00 towards future products along with this deal.

-This offer only counts for 1 download per person. 
-You have 7 days to download your products. 
(If more time is needed,please contact me,if your product needs to be re-downloaded. 
-But I will take a fee in a height of 10 !!)

After downloading, control all your products and contact me if there are any issues with the Zip. All I need is the name of the product and explain what the issue is. Then I will send you a new zip through the private messages